Caritas Hungary’s aid in the situation of the Ukrainian War - Report 03-03-22

From the very beginning, the national headquarters of Catholic Caritas and its diocesan organizations actively supported the refugees and the Hungarian communities that remained across the border during the war in Ukraine.In the next few days, we will deliver another truckload of durable food to the Hungarians of Transcarpathia, including canned food, so that we can make up for the shortage in the shops.

As a member of the Charitable Council, our aid organization operates a station in Barabás to receive refugees from the border. At least 20 staff members and volunteers work there daily; we provide information, food and leisure opportunities for refugees together with the local government. For those who do not want to stay in Hungary, we also provide assistance in further travel. Daily, at least 400 people ask for help at the receiving station. They arrive at the border on foot, tired, freezing, hungry. Caritas tries to let them out of Barabás not only with food, but with good words and encouragement.
Most people want to go to Budapest, and around 30 % of them plan to live in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, or Poland. We had many cases, when someone asked help to travel to Ferenc Liszt Airport.

On 2 March Ferenc Palánki, bishop of Debrecen-Nyíregyháza came to the Caritas Base to visit refugees. There are many volunteers from the diocese who work here. The bishop’s friendliness gave new energy to our hard work.

From 2 March, our team also established a point of contact at East Railway Station. Esztergom-Budapest Diocesan Caritas manage the work here. We have information about the arriving trains here. Caritas provide there food, information and if it is needed they help refugees with transfer. On the first day, we had around 100 refugees here to help (in the afternoon).

Photos: Caritas Hungary