Aid provided by Caritas Hungary during the war in Ukraine - Report 10-03-22

More than a week ago we received an e-mail invitation for a meeting with Caritas Ukraine and their neighbouring countries to prepare for the flow of asylum seekers. Now we are in the middle of this task. We had two days, when the number of them was decreasing but from Saturday it is rising again. The last two days, we had around 850 refugees here at the Barabás Base.

Recently, H.Em. Cardinal Michael Czerny, who serves as the Prefect ad interim of the Holy See's Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, visited the Base. His personality gave us hope and refugees also felt more hopeful in the presence of him. It reinforced all of us on the tenth day of our mission at the border.

Miklós Soltész, Secretary of State for Ecclesiastical and Ethnic Relations in the Prime Minister's Office also visited the Caritas Base.

About our supported refugees and asylum seekers: at least 40% of them are children. They come from Eastern Ukraine, and travelled a lot. More and more people are arriving every day and some of them - currently 5-10% - do not have anywhere to go. If we ask them where they want to go, they list 3-4 Western European cities or countries. We try to help them to look for opportunities.

Caritas Hungary

Photos: Caritas Hungary, Magyar Kurír